Car wash tuff test

Note: DO NOT TRY AT HOME! One of our very cooperative Tuff Truck Bag models agrees to go through a high-pressure car wash inside of the new Outdoor Khaki Tuff Truck Bag. She stays completely dry and unharmed when she goes through the wash, and the Tuff Truck Bag is still as good as new! Do not try at home, or place people or animals inside of the Tuff Truck Bag. Air can be limited inside of the enclosed bag.

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Made from waterproof, heavy duty, non-breathable PVC material and all seams are water-tight sealed using RF heat fusion.

Stores Easy

Easily collapse to stow when not in use and easily roll up for storage in the included tote bag. Set it up when you need it, store it when you don't!

Holds a ton

All bags have over a 40" zipper opening that goes around the bag's corner areas to give a "Large Mouth" opening so you can fit in anything you need.

All Included

With 4 low-tension, adjustable bungee cords, 1 storage tote bag and 1 waterproof, heavy duty Tuff Truck Bag, everything you need is included!