About Us

Our family photo of the invention of the Tuff Truck BagEverybody loves their truck. However, Sometimes the weather does not cooperate with your traveling plans. We invented the Tuff Truck Bag to solve a problem. We were tired of having to worry about the possibility of inclement weather on a trip or outing that would get luggage, cargo or camping and hunting supplies wet. What we needed was an inexpensive solution.

From our personal experience tarps did not work, neither did plastic bags, and commercially available containers were too bulky to handle or store. Therefore, Tuff Truck Bags was born of an idea from a father and son to make life more simple. Now we are able to share the Tuff Truck Bag with everyone who has been in our same predicament.

All Tuff Truck Bags are large enough to handle all the luggage and gear you could possibly have, and are completely waterproof. There is also enough room around the bag for other gear such as coolers, tools or hardware, etc... There's even still enough space around the Tuff Truck Bag for your dog to ride in the back of your truck bed!

Thank you for visiting our site, and we hope you enjoy your Tuff Truck Bag for years to come!

Philip, Adam & Tim

If you have a question, or wish to contact us at any time, please feel free to shoot us an email at info@tufftruckbag.com.