Tuff Truck Bag Featured in the Detroit News


Larry Edsall, Special to The Detroit News, talks about his trip using the Tuff Truck Bag – "Each year about this time, I drive from my home in Arizona to the Cedar River Lodge campground in Michigan between Beaverton and Gladwin. I make the trip in a Nissan Frontier pickup, the bed of which I fill with stuff I need — from reference books to clothes, from camera and laptop to golf clubs — and this year a waffle iron and coffee maker as well.

Usually, I put everything into covered plastic bins, which I wrap within a couple of opaque plastic tarps. Overnight security in a motel parking lot is one issue, but just as worrisome is rain. Seems no matter how securely I try to make those tarps, the late-spring thunderstorms I encounter as I drive across Texas, Oklahoma and Missouri somehow soak something I wanted — and needed — to keep dry.

So this year I tried a different solution, the Original Tuff Truck Bag. I’m very happy to report that I’ve arrived in Michigan and despite several deluges along the way, my stuff is dry."

Click here to read the whole story: Tuff Truck Bags Keep Your Gear Dry In Pickup Bed

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