Mountain Bike Tails' Ryan Brusca Tests The Tuff Tote Bag


Mountain Bike Tails' Ryan Brusca gave our red Tuff Tote Bag a test and here is what he had to say: 

"The red Tuff Tote Bag is the only Tuff Tote product that is equipped with the handle on the side and the shoulder strap featured above, making for a comfortable carry on the trail without being too cumbersome."

"Once the bag was in the water it performed wonderfully, even after being fully submersed for a brief period."

"After my first use of the Tuff Tote Bag I immediately wondered why I hadn’t included a product like this in my travel kit before. Nothing can match the security of knowing your items will be safe in the face of a strong rain or a float across the river."

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  • Red
  • Tuff Tote Bag
  • Class 3 Waterproof
  • Field Test
  • Underwater
  • Waterproof
  • Hiking
  • Day Trip
  • River Bag
  • Dry BAg