Tuff Truck Bag FAQ

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Can the bag fit length-wide into a truck bed?

We believe this to be a yes. The length of the Tuff Truck Bag is 50", and most truck beds are roughly 60" wide. The material is also very flexible and can easily fit over any wheel well area in the truck bed, so feel free to use and setup any Tuff Truck Bag™ however you want!

Is the Tuff Truck Bag™ waterproof?
Yes. The Tuff Truck Ba™ has been tested, and passed, under extreme outside elemental conditions. The bags are made from non-breathable, waterproof PVC material and all bag seams are heat fused together using epoxy to create a water-tight interior. To ensure that your bag lasts for a long time, please see our "Proper Tuff Truck Bag Use Guide".

Does the Tuff Truck Bag come with a warranty?
Yes. The Tuff Truck Bag comes with a one year warranty from the time of your purchase.

Will the Tuff Truck Bag fit with a truck box?
Yes, the flexible material really allows the Tuff Truck Bag fit into any size truck bed. If you do have a truck box you would simply fasten the bag's bungees underneath the gunnels along the side of the truck bed. The truck bag would just fit next to the box to still utilize as much space as possible. This method also works if you do not have hooks into your truck bed installed to fasten the bungee cords.

Does the Tuff Truck Bag come in different sizes?
No, for the time being this is the only size that we make. However, we have created the bag to be this size for a reason. By constructing the bag at 40" wide x 50" long we have used as much cargo space as possible to fit into both a full and mid-size pickup truck bed. I personally assure you that this size can hold whatever you want to throw in it - we haven't been able to fill one up yet!

Will the bag fit a smaller, mid-size pickup truck bed?
Yes. (please see above)

Do the straps come with the Tuff Truck Bag?
Yes, each Tuff Truck Bag comes with 4 adjustable bungee cords. The adjustable bungees allow for easy setup in any size pickup truck bed.

Will the Tuff Truck Bag fit in the bed with a fifth wheel hitch?
To be perfectly honest, we are not sure.  As mentioned above, the truck bag can fit sideways if needed - depending on where the fifth wheel is located the truck bag could possibly fit behind the hitch, closer to the truck cab. The only downside to this would be that the truck bag's opening would be to either the right or left side of the truck, and not conveniently located at the tailgate.

Does the Tuff Truck Bag only open in the front?
Yes, the only opening into the bag is from the front. The reason that the opening is at the front is because it is where the tailgate is located, and we figured that this would be the best access point. Also, with the zipper being on this end it keeps the outside elements away from direct contact with the fold-flap covered zipper.