Tuff Truck Bag Proper Use Guide

The correct way to properly use the Tuff Truck Bag is when you need it and store it when you don't. The Tuff Truck Bag is really not meant to, nor designed to, continually remain installed in the truck bed while not in use. In short, the Tuff Truck Bag is similar to soft shell rooftop cargo carriers designed for automobiles, but made specifically for a truck bed.

If you follow these simple rules your Tuff Truck Bag should remain in good condition for a very long time: 

  1. The Tuff Truck Bag is meant to be stored when not in use. After you have gotten to your destination you should take a minute to roll up, and store your truck bag after removing your cargo. Its easy to do and only takes about a minute. Each truck bag is designed to withstand the elements during travel, but storing the bag away from these elements when not in use will ensure better product condition. 
  2. Do not place sharp, unprotected objects into the bag. The bag's material is heavy duty, but it is still fabric and an unsheathed, sharp object can pierce the material. Tools, knifes, deer antlers or others items should be sheathed, or protected before placing them into the bag.  The 
  3. Do not place people or live animals into the bag. The Tuff Truck Bag is not design to hold, or contain dogs (or other live animals) for transport. Also, the Tuff Truck Bag is made from non-breathable PVC materials so when sealed there is little to no air inside.

By following, and keeping these four rules in mind your Tuff Truck Bag should last you a very, very long time!