Tote Bag Features

Straps and handles on the waterproof gray duffle bag.

Easy to use side clips that adjust and secure the class 3 waterproof roll-down opening in place, and keep it closed. For added security two additional straps clip over the top and tighten on the bag during travel. Handle straps meet in the middle from the right and left sides, where a Velcro clasp joins the two and creates a handle for the duffle. For even further comfort, a shoulder strap has been added.

Waterproof roll down opening on the gray duffle bag 

The roll down class 3 waterproof opening is the only open to the inside of the bag, ensuring that your items stay dry. Being a duffle, the roll down opening is extra large making the bag easy to pack and carry items. Once loaded, simply roll down the top and clip into place. Roll down opening are a feature on all Tuff Tote waterproof bags.

 Large interior space to hold cargo on the waterproof duffle bag

Because this is a duffle bag, there is plenty of room to pack everything for a weekend adventure. The interior space of the bag is the same as a standard duffle, giving you plenty of room to pack and go, and have peace-of-mind that your items will stay clean and dry.

 Front water resistant zipper pouch on the large gray waterproof duffle bag

As an added feature the Tuff Tote duffle features a front zipper pouch with a heavy duty water resistant zipper. The front pouch is great for loose change, a pocket knife, or any small item you may want to retrieve quickly. The front zipper pouch is a feature that is only available on the Tuff Tote duffle bag.

 Class 3 waterproof handheld black dry tote bag

Our medium sized hand-held black Tuff Tote Bag is also a class 3 waterproof dry bag that’s easy to use and great for an afternoon on the water. Built as heavy duty as other Tuff Tote and Tuff Truck bags, the black tote closes tight to keep your items dry.

 black class 3 waterproof dry tote bag clip handle

The class 3 waterproof roll down opening seals and clips to become the bag’s handle. Simply load the bag with your gear and items, roll down the opening, clip the handle together and grab and go!

waterproof transparent view panel on the class 3 waterproof black dry tote bag 

The black waterproof Tuff Tote also features a waterproof view panel on the front side of the bag. This transparent panel allows you to view the items inside the bag to be sure everything is safe and secure. The transparent view panel is a feature that is only available on the medium-sized black Tuff Tote Bag.

 compact red class 3 waterproof dry bag with roll down clip handle

The red Tuff Tote is our most compact bag, but boasts big features. This waterproof tote bag feature the same roll down opening that also becomes a possible bag handle. The red Tuff Tote is the perfect grab-and-go bag for a beach afternoon, and any adventure, to keep smaller, personal items safe and dry.

 Easy grip handle and shoulder strap on the class 3 waterproof red dry tote bag

The red Tuff Tote does feature several methods for carrying the bag. Aside from the roll down opening that clips to become a handle, this Tuff Tote also features an easy to carry rubber-gripped side handle, and a comfortable hands-free shoulder strap.